It is a natural paradise, a world of intensely simple beauty, a place that will captivate the mind and rest the human spirit. Editor's Rating. Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean all the way to the Equator, Maldives has the bluest skies and brilliant turquoise beaches. The Republic of Maldives or Dhivehi Rajje’, (the land of the Dhivehi people) is a nation of islands looping the equator, at the centre of the Indian Ocean. Lagoons have a very a distinctive turquoise colour and as they merge with … The Maldives, known for its high end world class resorts, popular among the rich and famous is situated in South West of Sri Lanka on the Eq... UK Essays FREE Providers of free study resources Comment(s) Average User Rating. Last year during our summer holidays, my family went to Maldives for a vacation full of fun and enjoyment. November 11, 2013. Highlights of The Maldives. By Yash Sinha, Class : VIII, School : The Cathedral and John Connon School . A piece of heaven on earth is perhaps the best way to describe The Maldives. Maldives is located near Sri Lanka. Essays. The Maldives: Photo Essay The Maldives from Above. My Vacation to Maldives.