Aristotle used Astronomy in his first proof to show that the Earth was round. When seen from further out in space (at the end of our Milky Way galaxy), a famous astronomer, Dr. Carl Sagan, called it ‘A Pale Blue Dot’. Next time a flat-earth conspiracy theorist confronts you, you'll be prepared. In 2012, Minutephysics made a video titled “Top 10 Reasons Why We Know the Earth is Round.” Watch the video below, and then see what FES had to …

It is hardly something mundane and habitual: each spacecraft launch requires large sums of money and the effort of hundreds of people.

has been criticised for publicly insisting the Earth is flat . Consider one, standard, flat earth line: “Can you prove the world is round?” Maybe you point to the (often artificially assembled) photos of Earth from space.

Round Earth vs. Flat Earth - 4 of 5 December 15, 2016 see the hull. Philosophy can explain why. You may think his claims are ludicrous, but the truth is: they don’t go far enough The video shows three simple proofs of a round Earth in 44 seconds. When you see a picture of our earth from space, it looks exactly like a round blue and white marble. His proof stated that the shadow of the Earth during a lunar eclipse was always curved, a segment of a circle, therefore, the Earth must be round. Time Zones and When the Sun is in the Sky Both flat-earthers and globularists (the term flat-earthers use for folks who believe the earth is round) agree that time zones exist. He further explained that if the Earth was any other shape than round, the shadow it casts wouldn't be spherical.

Why the Earth is actually 100% flat Rapper B.o.B. Another excellent video is a bit longer at about 4.5 minutes.

If you are short of time, then the You Tube video called: "100% Proof that Earth is ROUND (Flat Earth Theory Debunked In 44 Seconds)" may be worth watching. Here are 10 simple ways to prove that the Earth is spherical. Why Humanity Should Leave Earth The times when space flight was something unimaginable are long gone. Why is the earth round? However, this is an experiment that one could easily replicate and find that it doesn’t work.