The concept of “talent management” has existed over for half a century ago (Cappelli, 2008). However, the company decided to change its talent management strategy in order to be more aligned with its business strategy. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Essay Talent Management And Performance Management. Talent is the only differentiator for company’s success in a global, complex, extremely competitive and dynamic environment. Prior to 2004, talent management and performance management at Peter Novelli was based on competency models that determined high potential talent and succession planning.

In the late 1990s since a group of McKinsey coined the phrase War for Talent, the topic of talent management (TM) has grown to be one of the hottest matters for management academics, practitioners and consultants as well. In the past, talent management was called succession management, management development, internal development, talent strategy and human resource planning, all of these are always used interchangeably (Lewis and Heckman, 2006). Talent management policies focus on role fexibility – giving people the chance to expand their roles by making better and extended use of their talents. Assess how the talent management strategy should change with the anticipation of … Talent Relationship Management:Talent relationship management is about building effective relationships with people in their roles.

For talent management to be successful there has to be a clear understanding of the strategic intent of the organization before defining, developing and implementing strategic capabilities.