It was the day of the Sputnik launch. 16.89) or satellite system design work beyond your studies at MIT. After several launch failures, they were able to fire a small probe, called Luna 1, past the moon. Space shuttles carry some satellites into space, but most satellites are launched by rockets that fall into the ocean after their fuel is spent. [2] Launch window opened 6/12/72 [3] Hold called at T-30 seconds due to problems with the terminal countdown sequencer. Many satellites require minor adjustments of their orbit before they begin to perform their function. Artificial Satellites - Essay. In addition to the cost of building one of these devices, there is also the cost of launching the satellite into space. The world has experienced very many huge moments, such big moments in which sometimes you don’t think it’s really happening. Essay The Sputnik Launch; Essay The Sputnik Launch. The point of analyzing the other teams' work and receiving comments on your own is to help you build useful and effective tools. 1953 Words 8 Pages. Several countries and businesses have rocket launch capabilities, and satellites as large as several tons make it safely into orbit on a regular basis. Your modules will very likely be used in 16.89 Space Systems Engineering. Source post mission reports [1] Launch delayed 40 min : 02 sec due to launch site weather constraints. ARTIFICIAL SATELLITES INTRODUCTION: An Artificial Satellite is a people-made machine that orbits a variety of other objects in space. Show More. Satellites are expensive. For most satellite launches, the scheduled launch rocket is aimed straight up at first. Explore a big database【WITH NO SIGN UP】– 100% FREE Space Exploration Essay Examples All popular types of essays Argumentative, Persuasive, Analysis & Research Papers. Because that was the day the world changed forever and there was no turning back. October 4, 1957, was one of those days. The rocket that launched the satellite was called Jupiter C. The Soviets however, were still in the lead at this time. 2037 Words 9 Pages. He had success at launching America’s first satellite, Explorer 1, on January 31, 1958. They missed the moon by 3,100 miles. Sputnik was a Soviet satellite … All satellites today get into orbit by riding on a rocket or by riding in the cargo bay of a space shuttle. Built-in rockets called thrusters make these adjustments. Satellites are costly even when they are successfully launched, but all too often, launches end in failure. Assignments Projects ... We intend for these modules to be useful in future subjects (e.g. This all happened in January 1959. Launching the satellite.