Tourism is increasing expanding activity in national or international level.So nowdays it has become serious concerns for any national.

A Book Report On Tourism Business In Nepal Chapter-1 Introduction to Tourism Tourism nowadays has been an essential activity all over the world. The beginning of tourism in Nepal can be pointed to the first ever successful ascent of the mighty Mt. We can get many advantages from it. Tourists buy our goods, curios and native articles of our country. Nepal imports essential commodities, such as fuel. There is great possibility of development of tourism in Nepal because Nepal is a mountainous country. Tourism has contributed in depletion of forest resources in Nepal. Thus, it helps to lessen the problems of unemployment. Nepal is a very small and natural beautiful country where almost 82 percent people are engaged in agriculture even though the agriculture sectors contribute only 55 percent on the gross domestic product and 50% of the total export. It was estimated in one report that per capita fuel wood consumption per individual tourist and group tourist … Many people have got employed in the offices belonging to tourism. Search Results. Firstly, we can earn foreign currency which can be use for our development. These facts lure everyone to visit Nepal Free Essays on Possibility Of Tourism In Nepal. Tourism plays a significant role in Nepal. Tourism promoters. The long chain of beautiful mountains with highest peaks of the world, lakes, various flora and fauna, cultural heritage, religious places and polite manners of the people have made a great possibility of development in Nepal. Possibility Of Tourism In Nepal Search. Essays on Possibility Of Tourism In Nepal. The form of tourism can be of various types.