Pakistan is expected to experience a lot of political activity in the months to come. Pakistan is once again passing through a critical phase of its history marked by political instability and serious economic problems. Share: Share.

in improving the Education system in Pakistan. Only then, we will be able to pull out our beloved country from illiteracy. The American think tanks have repeatedly accepted that war against terror could never be won without the help of Pakistan. Javid Husain . In 2018. Javaid hyderupdated august 14, social issues for citizens of pakistan. The reforms required in the education system of Pakistan cannot be done by the government alone, as a citizen of Pakistan, we are also responsible to help the govt. Since the beginning of political instability, the country has not been able to get rid of some of the main causes and propellers of the problems. Some of the existing political issues will continue to impact Pakistani politics.
Pakistan has rigorously fought, and ongoing military operation in Wazirstan is also targeting the suspected Taliban in the bordering area.

This surge for improvement in the lifestyle of its citizens is assessed by the level of good governance in the country. Political Instability Political instability has crippled the normal functioning of authorities in Pakistan for more than six decades. 1, January–June 2018, pp.31– 42 Extremism in Pakistan: Issues and Challenges Dr. Zahid Yaseen Assistant Professor Department of Political Science GC Women University Sialkot Dr. Muhammad Muzaffar Assistant Professor Department of Political Science Pakistan’s fundamental issues. Protestors in pakistan current as expected, february 2018 2500 3000. Pakistanis often complain that they are ruled by Allah, America, and the Army. After the death of founder of Pakistan and their right hand man Liaquat ali khan,goverance problem born in Pakistan. Use essay i will highlights the issues in pakistan,. Current crisis boils down to current crisis boils down to explore justice issues. Use essay i will highlights the cradle of current political and more complicated challenges and strategy.

Pakistan - Politics. 4, No. Tweet. Governance Issues in Pakistan: Suggested Action Strategy Muhammad Usman Asghar1 Abstract Pakistan has been concerned for the improvement of its institutional and human capacity to improve the livelihoods of its citizens since its inception.

Journal of Politics and International Studies Vol. In all these issues, Pakistan is directly or indirectly involved, especially after Al Qaeda operations.

1) corruption,good govervance,if we solve these two issues I think 50% internal problem solve.

Such factors include coexistence of communities who live in hostility, historical factors, tribal systems and partisan segregation. January 01, 2019.