Patient Misidentification The need for risk management is apparent in the practice of Emergency Medicine. Patient identification and the matching of a patient to an intended treatment is performed routinely in all care settings. 10 Specimen identification errors, such as mislabeled or unlabeled specimens, are detected at a rate of 0.04% to 0.1%, 11–13 and many more may go undetected. Worst-case scenarios include missed cancer, unnecessary mastectomy, 9 and hemolytic transfusion reactions. Misidentification during Medication Administration During a study observing nurse-patient interactions in three…

An absolute majority of nurses responded that patient Diagnosis, on the other hand, is the procedure of testing and finding a certain disease and its nature.

Free Essay: Patient Misidentification The need for risk management is apparent in the practice of Emergency Medicine. By NextGate. Pathology is a study that contributes to the field of medicine by analyzing diseases through the study of body tissues and fluids such as urine or blood samples. When this happens without a physician’s knowledge, it could seriously impact a patient’s health.

This method involves the identification of patients by matching patient data, such as name, address, zip code, or other information, with medical records. In this example, adding the SSN provides a fourth point of matching and improves the results. The congressional ban has led to reliance on the alternative approach to creating a patient identifier: the use of statistical matching techniques to identify and access patient information. Nurses need to be skilled and confident in communicating with patients and their families about the need for good patient identification processes and the risk of misidentification. A patient’s health is always at stake whenever pathologist … Pathology vs. Use the three components of root cause analysis to evaluate the following. Diagnosis essay Read More » The report covers responses from over 500 participants responsible for clinical delivery and financial operations, and the results indicate severe effects on patient safety … In emergency medicine there is a higher likelihood for mistakes and dissatisfaction. 11 CONCLUSION There is a large delay between the technological revolution, and keeping the most vulnerable members of our communities’ safe in healthcare settings. Download 10-page term paper on "Patient Identifiers the Importance" (2020) ☘ … of all errors found, which suggests the vast majority of errors were preventable. Patients are at great risk. Not only is it endangering to the patient health undergoing the wrong procedure, it also puts the reputation of the hospital at a stake (Thomas & Evans, (2004).

Besides, health cost, such errors have financial costs as well as possible legal suits. Using just the last four digits of a SSN (as some organizations have already opted and others are considering, especially as legislation puts new restrictions on use of the SSN) provides most of the patient identification benefit available with the full SSN. The recently released “2016 National Patient Misidentification Report“, prepared by the Ponemon Institute LLC, gives clear and profound data on the causes and impacts of a known problem in healthcare: patient misidentification.

The goals included more accurate patient identification, enhanced communication among health care providers, reduction or elimination of wrong-site, wrong-patient, and wrong procedure surgeries, and improvements to key equipment such as clinical alarm systems” (Mello, M., Kelly & Brennan, T., 2005). Essay On Patient Safety. After the initial patient misidentification, what systemic reasons can you identify that lead to subsequent caregivers not recognizing that the patient transferred to, prepped for, and undergoing surgery was not the right patient?