Mansplaining is based on two words “man” and “explain,” and those are the essence in Solnit’s essay. Women are afraid of speaking up for themselves or express their own thoughts, ideas.

It has been nine years since Solnit wrote this legendary essay on the phenomenon now known popularly as mansplaining. The essay throws light on how silencing of female voices is linked to larger abuse of patriarchal power. The Essay That Launched the Term "Mansplaining" A few months ago, I went to record a television show about politics.

She shares an anecdote about a man advising her to read a book, without knowing she is the one who has authored it.

When we get too excited about our own research and ideas, it can be easy to forget that we have to serve it in a way that makes it appetizing.

Writing lifeless, mansplaining prose is the equivalent of not looking at someone when you speak. In 2008, Rebecca Solnit wrote an essay titled “ Men Explain Things to Me,” a biting critique of a condescending male behavior that drowns out and …