Finding effective ways to prevent and reduce pollution (in air, water, or land) can seem difficult and downright overwhelming. My project is about reduce Air Pollution, and i am working on it, so, I have a Idea & Plan for reduce Air Pollution From Base. Ways to reduce air pollution Essay Sample. Carbon monoxide that release from the vehicles can cause health problems like coughing. 3 Fresh Ideas to Fight Air Pollution. This article explains how you can take action now, starting with small steps. Before embarking on this task we have to reject the suggestion of some researchers that the ... which reduces the pollution per unit of … Change can begin with our daily choices as individuals. 5 Innovations to Monitor and Fight Air Pollution When confronted with the evidence, it’s difficult to minimize the effects of our polluted environment. Use public transport Taking a bus or train to work, school or any other activity has a lot of advantages. Apart from that, use an energy-conserving grade motor oil and keep tyres properly inflated and aligned can help reduce air pollution. Less vehicles on the road can reduce pollution. ... Their Smoke Free Project “is a series of urban innovations led by Daan Roosegaarde to reduce pollution and provide an inspirational experience of a clean future”.

Car pooling You can car pool with your neighbours or friends to reduce smoke that comes out from the vehicles. Secondly, by carpooling to get to work, one can help reduce the number of vehicles on road. According to the WHO , air pollution is now considered to be the world’s single largest environmental health risk, with an estimated 7 million deaths linked to the problem each year. This means better health for us and the environment. An essay on innovations for sustainable development ... own ideas on technological change towards sustainable development. ... “The innovative bicycle inhales polluted air, cleans it, and gives clean air to the cyclist”.