What Life Was Like 100 Years Ago Compared to Now. i m a river. However, if I had been born 100 years ago, my life would be completely different. Hospitals Today and 100 Years Ago Medicine has a history spanning many thousands of years and specialized establishments for treating the sick have also existed for a long period of time. I may be a bit biased, given that I had a copy as a young child and have a fondness for the book, but I will try to give a fair review of both positives and negatives. Today’s date is April, 29th, 2013. Though certain life lessons have remained the same, and they are worth remembering.

The essay topic is Life is better today than it was 100 years ago Do you agree minimum and maximo words 190 to 250 FCE Cambridge 89 The essay topic is " Life is better today than it was 100 years ago. Life 100 years ago From 1909, the world population soared from 1.7 to 6.4 billion people.
A dollar went a whole lot farther. Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample. There used to be a minimal amount of cars in the streets, people probably used to walk more often and just 8000 automobiles in the United States could be found there with only 144 miles of paved roads. Teacher Essays Essay On if I was born 100 years ago, What if, What if i can control the past, What If I had a Time Machine? Search. Answer: If I was born 100 years ago, I would have enjoyed the pure air without any pollution and full of green trees and birds chirping sounds.Nowadays there is no green trees as deforestation has been followed. Compared to life as it was 100 years ago, some people argue that it has greatly improved at present. I wished i was born when phsyics was easy,perhaps i could have developed realtivity if i had born 100 years ago,i don,t think Einstein was a genius but only was lucky enogh to be born in a time and a country when physics was easy,the same case can be applied to Newton,i don,t know why these two men are considered to be the best physicist ever … I’m living in 21st century. I have learned many things in my time inside learning institutions. Indeed, the difference between lifestyle now and 100 years ago is remarkable. Life 100 Years ago vs life now has changed due to technology, the Internet, and health care. Also the average life expectancy was only 47 years back then! Free Essays on 5 Paragraph Essay Life After 100 Years. Revolutionizing human civilization. Without a doubt, life is a lot better now. The only problem is, I have to know what people did before me to get where I want to go. No matter what the next 100 years may bring! While I agree with this idea to a great extent, I also believe that many aspects of the life were better in the past. I would have spent my evening time with my family.The family would have been the join family instead of nuclear family. 20th Century Change Today's lifestyle, casual and pleasant, greatly differs from the lifestyle 100 years ago.