While SDG 3 is devoted to good health and well-being, health contributes to almost all the other goals. If health is lost, everything is lost. Eating healthy, natural, and organic foods while staying away from processed foods, carbonated beverages, and fried foods. This statement explores the factors that effect on life-long health, growth and well-being from environmental, and life path perspectives. This aspiration for every child and young person can only be met through a concerted approach: schools and their partners working together closely to plan their programmes for health and wellbeing explicitly, taking account of local circumstances and individual needs. This essay also discusses the importance of maintaining good health and wellbeing in relation to self-care and patient care. Strong health systems can also provide support against … Health Essay 4 (500 words) Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being. It is said “Health is wealth”. Article shared by. Good health and wellbeing is central to effective learning and preparation for successful independent living. This essay discusses health and well-being as multifaceted concepts and explores how my health and wellbeing has been affected since becoming a student nurse. It is about finding a good work / life balance and feeling healthy in For example, universal health coverage (UHC) can help to reduce poverty (SDG 1) by protecting people from a major cause of financial hardship, and good health can fuel increased employment and economic growth (SDG 8). Goal 3: Good health and well-being. These bring your emotional and physical health down. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all. Write an Essay on the Value of Good Health in Life. Health is of prime importance and everything else comes later. Early childhood settings plays an important role in promoting health and a feeling of wellbeing for children, their families and ultimately their communities (Hayden & Macdonald, 2000). According to Ewles and Simmett (2004) there are six dimensions. Essay Sample: The health and well-being of a person depends on lots of different circumstances. Since the creation of the Millennium Development Goals there have been historic achievements in reducing child mortality, improving maternal health and tackling HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases. Maintaining good health depends on a number of factors including the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the kind of people we deal with and the amount of exercise we indulge in. Inability to work leads to poverty and misery. Physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental health also referred to as societal health. On the other hand, if we have health we are able to work and this, in turn, adds to our wealth. If health is i’ lost, the capacity to work is lost. There are various aspects of health to consider when aiming to achieve overall good health and wellbeing, known as the dimensions of health.

My philosophy in life is to feel good, eat good, and educate the importance of health and well being.