In other words, schools continue to operate on fulfilling the needs of an Industrial Age student rather than … Education plays a large part in our lives, from when we first enter pre-school until we graduate college. I particularly like the point of technology is aiding cheating in students. Schools with less than ten percent of students on free or reduced lunch, had scores at an average of 551. Schools with more than seventy-five percent scored … In this essay, I will support my claim that the education system currently in place is inadequate, and that there are many successful models that could be followed in order to reform our system, and achieve success internationally. Because standardized tests have become the foundation for education, creativity in classrooms is stifled, minority and low-income students are disadvantaged, and extrinsic motivators and reckless means of achieving higher … The education system has been a controversial issue among educators. Requirements of school do not let student choose what they want to study for their future. The reasons rest within curricula that are not keeping up with the pace of change our world is undergoing, teachers set in their ways with little support to embrace change, and technology thrown in for good measure often without a clear purpose. Sadly, most schools are failing to do so today. A far cry from the number one rank most Americans are used to being proud off. Poor children are ranked well below the national average among the group of fifteen year olds tested in the PISA, or the Program for International Student Assessment. Education System Failure As of late 2014, America had been ranked fourteenth in education in the world. Educators rely on outdated modes of instruction to teach children.

The education students are receiving is aimed at improving standardized test scores: the education system is teaching how to take a test. There are problems in our education system not only in the system itself but the schools as well. We need education to gain knowledge, we also need education to get a good job. The American Educational System Is Failing Our Students Essay - One would think that because America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world the educational system would be just as great as the country 's wealth. I wouldn’t say that the education system is failing, but it is sure being politicized a lot. Impoverished children are partially at fault for the failing education system in America. It’s a big issue to force student study specific curriculums, which don’t help them improve, and what they like to create something. Free Essay: Our education system today is in a state of flagrant disrepair. Educators … Great article! Students are cheating themselves out of reading good books, thinking that Google can provide answers to everything. Cheating here can be of various kinds. Not only do these tests dictate the curriculum, but also what is deemed important for each given level of education.