e. Sample Argumentative Essay You are taking part in a debate entitled, “It is better to attend day school than boarding school”. You will probably get lots of attention either way.

A day school tends to have more children per class than a boarding school and therefore individual attention to a student becomes difficult. Children are not exposed to the social hazards of our modern times. Some are well adjusted and can handle more responsibly could do well in boarding school.

You are opposing the motion.
You will never just be a number in a boarding school. Cost Benefit Day schools are a preferred option as they are much less expensive than a boarding school. Another major argument in favour of sending your children to day school rather than boarding school is that it’s considerably cheaper. -Shruti Shrabya (06/03/16) Yes: Boarding schools is better than day school. as compare to day schools; RE: Boarding school vs Day school - Which is better?

Boarding schools are very school in teaching especially in federal school and it Does not allow student to cook, Take phones to classes or school and students that goes to a boarding school is very educated, Smart, And well behaved.

You’ll have to spend more on food when they’re at home, of course, and you’ll have to spend more on driving them to school and extra-curricular activities. Besides being far off from kinsfolk, school child down pat practical knowledge. Boarding schools or day schools are better is based on the individual student. Further more there are many special helper programs available such as mentor mentee program. In a boarding school, on the other hand, classes typically are 10-15 students.

Boarding schools, as a rule, are not very large. These schoolshelp to make one independent.

You have to participate.

“Boarding schools are far better than day schools for the all around education of a child” For the Motion I agree that boarding schools are far better than day schools for the all around education of a child.

Day school setting is better than boarding school setting because in a day school setting, parents can be able to monitor their children’s personal, social and academic standards.

Present your views. You will get called upon for your response.

First in a boarding school student easily force on their studies n do not have time to go from one house to another. Most good quality day schools are relatively cheaper than boarding schools and this is another reason why parents opt for day schools over boarding schools. Tuition fees in day schools are cheaper.

Students in a Boarding School so better progress and are supposed to be more disciplined.