Bronte structures her novel around two parallel love stories between Heathcliff and Catherine, and Catherine, Linton and Harleton Earnshaw. The chapter presents passion, yet it is also melodramatic. Mrs. Earnshaw and Hindley remain upset, never learning to love Heathcliff. At the end Heathcliff abandons his plan for vengeance and professes his love for Catherine only to see her die soon after. Catherine and Hindley are especially resentful of this new child, as one usually is when a new “baby” is brought home. ... Heathcliff’s love for Catherine can be seen as destructive. In another scene, Isabella, Heathcliff’s wife, says that Heathcliff has told her that she will suffer so long that his true love, Catherine, is ill. Isabella writes, “He [Heathcliff] told me of Catherine’s illness, and accused my brother [Edgar] of causing it; promising that I should be Edgar’s proxy in … Catherine and Heathcliff’s tragic tale depend on their being separated”. In the novel Wuthering Heights Bronte ... Free research essays on topics related to: seeks revenge, wuthering heights, bronte , marry edgar, catherine ; Love For Heathcliff Catherine And Heathcliff Get help on 【 Heathcliff - Wuthering Heights Essay 】 on Graduateway Huge assortment of FREE essays & assignments The best writers! Heathcliffs Revenge in Wuthering Heights essaysHeathcliff's Revenge in Wuthering Heights In Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte tells the story of two love triangles that take place between the same families over two generations. Catherine fortunately become less resentful, and Mr. Earnshaw has a natural love for the boy as he brought him home. One can consider the romantic love which Catherine and Heathcliff feel for each other but, because of Catherine’s family and because of their different social statuses, they can never belong to each other. This chapter provides the reader with the emotional climax of the novel. Catherine Earnshaw is selfish in her desire for wealth and status, yet she reiterates Heathcliff’s lack of belief in religion. The first triangle of Heathcliff, Catherine, and Edgar becomes the He has made the story about love, revenge, and ghosts with his relationship with Catherine in her life and after her death. Heathcliff was one of the main characters in the work, which his role importance made the novel change with each stage of his development. Forced to remain at Thrushcross Grange—-the Linton’s home, which isolates Catherine from Heathcliff and her former world of reckless freedom. Possibly, as Clayton suggests that the love between Catherine and Heathcliff “depends on their being separated”, Nelly’s punishment of separating the two acted as an incentive to further evolve the love they have for each other. 4 Catherine’s love for Edgar When Catherine and Heathcliff exist their private island unchecked until Catherine suffers an injury from the Linton’s bulldog. Example research essay topic: Love For Heathcliff Catherine And Heathcliff - 1,635 words Search NOTE: Free essay sample provided on this page should be used for references or sample purposes only. Her view of heaven is shocking to most other characters in the novel, and her love for Heathcliff is, at the most basic level, identity-forming. Heathcliff went beyond what was reasonable and rational in his love for Catherine–his behavior, as illustrated in the last chapter was erratic, and his death disturbing–all indications that Heathcliff was wildly obsessed with Catherine, a premise which does much to resolve many of the complexities in Chapter 34.