There is an ongoing campaign worldwide that should modify our current educational system in such manner to promote more critical and analytical thinking and more diverse scope of knowledge compared to mostly theoretical and reproductive way of studying so far.. Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Boylston Hall, Ground Floor 5 Harvard Yard Cambridge, MA 02138 Phone: 617-495-9199 Fax: 617-496-9855 Email: The Charles E. Schmidt College of Science offers a Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Professions certificate for students interested in pursuing medical, dental, veterinary or other health-related professions and who have not completed prerequisite courses as undergraduates. No differences were observed in blood mercury levels in boys and girls. 220 The median mercury levels in blood were 0.42 μg/L and in urine 0.37 μg/g creatinine. In the Czech Republic, the Environmental Health Monitoring System generated children’s data in the period 2001-2003: mercury in blood (n = 333), and mercury in urine (n = 619).