The format will mainly affect how you start and end your writing.

• This question asks you to produce a piece of opinion writing, expressing your point of view on a subject or idea, in a particular form. Read the instructions carefully for your chosen question.

Announcements Interested in law degrees? ‘TOP TIPS’ FOR GCSE ENGLISH – PAPER 2 Answer Section B first – question 5. This resource includes two practice exam questions and explores how two forms of writing differ in their presentation of ideas and use of language techniques. Do not do both. Boundaries Your English Language Paper 2 Exam is worth 50% of your overall Language grade. • You may be asked to write a letter, article, text for a leaflet, Practice exam questions. We've got expert advice in our new law section. This question is also a Big Kahuna question. Question 5 is all about your writing – think and craft carefully language and structure for a purpose. GCSE English Language Writing Types: Speech Posted on May 10, 2018 by Emma Lee In the last couple of posts, I’ve been looking at the different genres of writing that you could get on AQA English Language Paper 2. All appropriate responses should be SPEECH or ESSAY.

GCSE English Language Paper 2 Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives Mark Scheme 8700 Version 3. (2 minutes) Identified 4 true statements (2 minutes) Question 2: Highlighted the key words in the question for Question 2. Completed the 5 Ws on Extract 2 (4 minutes) Question 1: Boxed up the correct lines for Question 1 Highlighted the relevant information in the source. The language you use in a speech will vary depending on your audience. start new discussion reply. English Language Paper 2 Question 5 Watch.

Page 1 of 1. 2 MARK SCHEME –GCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE PAPER 2 INTRODUCTION The information provided for each question is intended to be a guide to the kind of answers anticipated and is neither exhaustive nor prescriptive. GCSE English Language: Some Exam Tips for Paper 2.I have put a PPT here – it’s the one we’re using in class In this paper, you are asked to read two extracts of non-fiction ONE will be from the 19 th century; ONE will be contemporary – either 20 th or 21 st century There are FOUR reading questions and ONE writing question Q1 – true/false – 4 marks Spend 5 minutes planning how … You should be spending roughly 45 minutes on it. In a speech to a professional audience, such as a business pitch or a talk to headteachers, formal language is most appropriate. • You could be asked to explain, instruct, advise, argue or persuade in the question. As in Paper 1, Question 5 shifts the focus from responding to texts to creating a text of your own. Keep a close eye on your SPaG – this contributes 40% of your marks for this question. AQA GCSE English Language Post 16 Resits. It accounts for 25% of your total English Language GCSE result. Language Paper 1 Q5: Write a description / narrative 50 mins: 5 mins planning + 40 mins writing + 5 mins checking How to respond Choose which question you wish respond to. Paper 2 – Question 5 Final Preparation and Summary of Requirements The exam board will ask you to use language for impact by writing in ONE of the following ways: writing to explain writing to instruct/advise writing to argue writing to persuade Allowing (where relevant) opportunities to: give and respond to information select, organise… AQA GCSE English Language Paper 2 writing tasks: speech and article. REVISION WEBSITE AQA GCSE English Language Post 16 Resits. 2020 Exam Dates Paper 1 Exam - 9am Tue 2nd June Paper 2 Exam - 9am Fri 5th June .