It is an inner ability of a person to perceive emotions of other people, help to manage and control these emotions Emotional Intelligence emotional intelligence essay conclusion And Emotional Quotient. 3. Miller sets his drama in Salem … Woodworth: “Emotion is a ‘Moved or ‘stirred up’ state of an organism. While acknowledging the biological antecedents and value of emotions such as sadness and anxiety, and the possibility that ‘ordinary’ sadness and anxiety may now be over-diagnosed as disorders and over-medicalised, we must not forget that we are dealing with a spectrum of severity. The Crucible: Emotional Conflicts Essay, Research PaperEmotional CONFLICTSIn the drama, The Crucible, Authur Miller develops legion struggles between characters. In this sense, Arnold and Gasson define emotion as "the felt tendency toward an object judged suitable, or away from an object judged unsuitable, reinforced by specific bodily changes according to the type of emotion" . Emotions No matter how hard you try, you cannot control your emotions, only attempt to hide them. The period of emotional development ranges from birth through late adolescence.. 2002), in order to manage successfully in the workplace.. Emotions influence every aspect of our lives, what we do, what we say, and et cetera. “Emotion is an affective experience that accompanies generalized linear adjustment and mental and physiological stirred up states in the individual and that shows itself in his overt behaviour”. Conclusion. All of our emotions, from anger to insecurity, are influenced by several factors, just as our lives are influenced by our emotions (Gelinas, Emotions 35). Conclusion Throughout this semester, we have learnt a lot about motivation and emotion gaining a greater understanding about what influences our motivation and emotions and how we can influence them. Motivation research and theory helps us to understand why we … Emotions are instruments that aim at "the possession of suitable objects", thus leading us to "reach the perfection of our personality" .