That is, it seems that someone is always proposing a new practice, a new program, a new technique to change education for the better. Published in Print: January 6, 2016, as To Change Education, Change the Message Related Stories "Steve Jobs' Widow Launches $50M Competition to Redesign High Schools," (Marketplace K … Nonetheless, there was an overarching conception that could be termed the ‘ JEC core’s concep t of educational

Examines the social, economic, cultural, and political forces driving educational change. Why? Key topics include educational innovation, reform and restructuring, school improvement and effectiveness, culture building, inspection, school review, and change management.

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Recent Teaching and Teacher Education Articles Recently published articles from Teaching and Teacher Education. So, the good news is: change in education is real, it’s innovative, scalable and impactful! Article excerpt One of the constants within education is that someone is always trying to change it. The bad news is: it remains confined to certain pockets of the world. How failure shapes teacher identities: Pre-service elementary school and mathematics teachers’ narrated possible selves - Open access Publishes important ideas and evidence of educational change. Building on the Canada study, Fullan and Hargreaves outline an argument for meaningful professional learning and development. Published by Learning Forward, this 12-page article, written by Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves is a call to action. Furthermore, educational change began to place more emphasis on organizational learning, systemic reforms, and large-scale change initiatives rather than restructuring isolated fields of education.

Yet many seemingly powerful change-oriented innovations are …