The first phase of the literature review should be brief but give the reader enough information to understand the context of the proposed research.

A well-prepared proposal clearly outlines why the research is important, what the research questions are and how these will be addressed through the research. If you are intending to use the ECU logo on your thesis you must abide by the University corporate style guidelines.

The thesis/dissertation emailed to the ECU Graduate School must be the final-approved version by your thesis/dissertation student advisory committee.

Submit their thesis/dissertation electronically to the Graduate school at for review no later than ten days prior to the last day of final exams during the semester in which they plan to graduate. Where possible, the promotional logo should be positioned in the top right or bottom right hand corner.

It should lead to a concise statement of the questions that the research is designed to …

proposals are reviewed by two reviewers, one of whom is external to ECU; and; a proposal reviewer may be nominated as a thesis examiner at a later date if they meet appropriate criteria.
Once a thesis/dissertation topic has been identified, the student works with the chair and committee members, as necessary, to prepare a proposal. April 23, 2020 May 4, 2020.

After proposal seminar It also articulates the parameters of your study and enables you to identify the key milestones, requirements and resources needed to achieve your research objectives. Define any important terms used in the research questions or elsewhere in the thesis. Spring 2020.

Deadline . The correct version is the square promotional logo. The table below lists the upcoming deadlines: Term . For more information on the proposal review panel and to nominate reviewers, download the Nominating Proposal Reviewers application form. This deadline applies to summer school sessions as well as to the regular semesters. The proposal should include an Introduction and Literature Review, Proposed Method (including research hypotheses, if appropriate), and References. Preparing a proposal.

Summer 2020 .

When the thesis proposal is approved, the student completes the departmental form identifying the thesis committee members and thesis topic and submits the form for approval to the Psychology Department Chair and then the Dean of the Graduate School. The form is available at the following website:

Review of the literature.

The proposal should demonstrate the significance of the proposed research within the context of what is already known and make clear the specific issues to be addressed. Research Proposal Reviewers Report (Mac version) (MS Word Document, 139.5 KB) Research Proposal Reviewers Report (PC version) (MS Word Document, 408.0 KB) Management of candidature.