I used a soldering iron. I use to make my own logs and it was real easy.take your paper and run it under warm water,lay it flat on the cabinet or table,use the next piece to absorb as much water as you can get out of the first one,sort of like paper mache,roll the log as tight as you can get it.hang it on your clothesline and let it dry. Unlike the Wet log makers you do not need to wet the contents in order to make logs for the fire, however they do not burn as long.

Making Paper Bricks / Logs.
In the time after a major crisis good safe burnable fire wood will be in short supply. » improving the appearance of the logs by wrapping in soaked brown paper like from a paper bag. Get two 5 gal buckets. The environmentally friendly paper log briquette maker recycles your waste paper into logs to burn on an open fire or wood burning stove. By wetting the paper it compresses 10 times better than dry paper so you get a long even burn from your finished paper logs. They take about a week to dry properly at least - …

Make them as soon as you have the paper and store in as warm and dry a place as possible - greenhouse, airing cupboard, shed etc. It helps conserve forests, reduces landfill and saves on heating costs by using newspaper, junk mail, shredded paper, cardboard, wood chippings, wrapping paper… I have tried to do this with PVC pipe and a wooden plunger made to fit, (with a wooden base as well). $3 each at walmart. Seen over at Survivopedia, a " prepper " site, paper log bricks could be a major help during a major disaster, when firewood may be scarce. Heavy Duty Paper Log Briquette Maker - A Simple way to Recycle your Old papers / Newspapers - Alternative to burning charcoal 3.4 out of 5 stars 111 £15.99 £ 15 . When made they are good and burn for a long time BUT they take ages to dry! » adding coffe grounds or related coffee/tea product to the soaking water to give a brown tinge to the logs to make them look nicer. Help recycle old newspapers into high-energy fireplace logs with the UniFlame Newspaper Log Roller. Go around all the bucket and on the bottom.

[Todd’s note: Buckets can be had for free at bakery’s and construction sites]

paper log maker Answered y'know those paper logmakers where you soak some newspaper and then put it in a metal box and pull the handles to compress it? The pine needles could make them burn hotter too.
Let small bricks dry in the same way as paper logs and larger bricks. Durably made with cast iron and heavy steel for long-lasting and reliable use, this roller has a convenient hand crank for ease-of-use and is lightweight for easy portability. 99 Making paper logs Step 2 Compressing your pulp into logs is best achieved with a special PAPER LOG MAKER, There are two types. Drill a lot of holes in it, about 2 inches down from the lips and around 3/16 size-ish. didn't work. The eko-mania Dry Paper Log Maker quickly and easily turns your household and garden waste into free fuel for your open fire or wood burning stove. Making your own fire logs and fire bricks from old paper products, dried leaves or other burnables will be a lifesaver.

You can use a screw driver and stab holes all in there.