This problem shouldn’t be suppressed.

As with other social phenomenon the law doesn’t recognise domestic violence as a discrete state of affairs, in that sense it is very much like the law’s treatment of cohabitants in that it isn’t a status like marriage confers or assault confers on other forms of violence but more like a collection of disparate laws with no cohesive recognition of the phenomenon’s existence. Many women, therefore, make an official complaint and later withdraw it because they are too frightened to do otherwise (Hoff, 1990; Dobash and Dobash, 1992).

The following are some main topics in this regard which can be used for the dissertation on domestic violence. The situation when an aggressor beats or abuses a less dominant family member is common nowadays. Resultantly, it can save many innocent people from being victims of domestic violence. Given this, domestic violence wasn’t perceived to be a problem for the police as the laws in place actually condoned violence by men against women and only placed limitations as to how far the men could beat their wives, to which any further was only classed as … A dissertation on domestic violence can bring the many hidden aspects of the violence at the forefront.

List Of 15 Graduate Dissertation Ideas On Domestic Violence Domestic violence is one of the burning issues of society.

Although the Criminal Justice Act recognises domestic violence as a crime against the person, the onus is still on the woman to press charges. On the contrary, it should be discussed and it should be solved.