Digital literacy is necessary to become digital citizens; individuals responsible for how they use technology to interact with the world around them. This study investigated digital literacies among 280 junior-high-school students with the aim of comparing participants' perceived digital literacy competencies and their actual performance in relevant digital tasks. So there is a great need for educating the power of digital medium to students can play a vital role in defining their ability to succeed both in academic and personal life. Digital Literacy for EFL Students is a course designed specifically for learners of English as a foreign or second language at Intermediate (B1-B2) level, aiming to advance their linguistic competence through the use of digital technology. Check out our list below of 30+ of the best digital literacy websites, ... And whether you are teacher or student, these resources for teaching digital literacy should come in handy – no matter what age you are or are teaching. These students—and their teachers whom I’ve also interviewed over the last six weeks—are far less sanguine about online learning, however, with real concerns about its quality and effectiveness. The phrase teaching for social justice has proliferated in educational scholarship and settings, generating a variety of discourses about what it means to engage in social justice teaching (Jones & Enriquez, 2009 ; North, 2008 ). Digital literacy is defined as the power to use digital tools enabling students to solve problems, create innovative projects, and enhance communications to prepare for the challenges of an evolving workplace. The findings showed that only a few of participants' perceived skills were related to their actual performance. While Emily's classroom engaged in digital literacy practices, the substance of the work the students produced was grounded in social justice pedagogy. It also helps them as an individual to be responsible for how they use technology to interact with the world. The course comprises of five modules: Blogging, Web Design, Filmmaking and Video Editing, Social Networks, and Presentation Skills. The need for digital literacy in the classroom. Rising invasion of digital media in the society pushes the need for digital literacy among students.