Research is one systematic activity that is undertaken by scholars, to help in widening our knowledge base in all fields of education. The main difference between exploratory and descriptive research is that the first does not follow standardized methods but the second does. So, descriptive research does the task of putting the picture created by exploratory research into the frame.

Major differences between exploratory and conclusive research design .

Exploratory research is non-experimental or "observational study.

The difference between exploratory, descriptive, and causal research examples is explored. The following can be mentioned as examples with exploratory design: A critical analysis of argument of mandatory CSR for UK private sector organisations; A study into contradictions between CSR program and initiatives and business practices: a case study of Philip Morris USA In other words, you aren't manipulating any of the variables, you are simply "observing" them. This essay is to compare and contrast research designs and marketing. Data analysis is a broad church, and managing this process successfully involves several rounds of testing, experimenting, hypothesizing, checking, and interrogating both your data and approach.

Research is undertaken in both social sciences as well as science subjects such as physics and biology. Exploratory research is the stage of the research process that aims at connecting ideas as to unveil the “why”s of potential cause/effect relationships.

In a nutshell, that’s the difference between Exploratory and Confirmatory Analysis. This occurs when researchers get started at understanding what they are actually “observing” when in the process of building cause/effect models. Exploratory research is conducted on problems that have not been investigated clearly and there is not much information available on it.
the purpose of conducting exploratory research is to develop more understanding about the problem and there is no surety that the research will provide any conclusive outcomes.