Caesar had recently killed Pompey, who had been part of the Triumvirate and a prior hero of Rome. Regardless of ones opinion of Caesar, there is one thing that cannot … I personally believe that Caesar’s death was wrong, and because of his positive impact on Rome he did not deserve to die. He was a tyrant.

In Julius Caesar, Caesar deserved his fate because had many physical weaknesses, was too power-hungry and egotistical, and would have ultimately hurt Rome more than helped it. Caesar was simply the victorious general who managed to kill off most of his competitors.
As to the original question of this thread: No, Caesar did not deserve to die, and no amount of political analysis and posturing will make me change my mind on that.

Benefits of Caesar; political Benefits of Caesar; Military “At that time some wished to gratify him by voting him one honour after another, while others treacherously included extravagant honours and published them, so that he might become an object of envy and suspicion to all. Or - let me immediately clarify - he did not deserve to be gutted by a bunch of men who had not given a thought to the future beyond the second thrust of a dagger. Despite the Controversy over Caesar, one cannot deny that his death may have had just as much impact as his life did. Even in ancient philosophical writings it was thought laudable to kill a tyrant and attempt to restore freedom to the people. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, it can be argued that Caesar truly did deserve to die for various reasons.