Soft determinism is an alternative position favoured by many psychologists. Determinists claim that the nature of the universe is such that it is goverened by certain universal scientific laws, so that each action is caused by a specific prior cause, and human action is no exception. One of its types called determinism psychology is a philosophy, which states that things happen due to a reason and not otherwise. Determinism is supported by more theories in psychology than free will. According to soft determinism, behaviour is constrained by the environment or biological make-up, but only to a certain extent. / Determinism Psychology: Everything Happens for a Definite Reason Human psychology has always been a subject of constant research and discoveries. Others see it from coming inside i.e., in the form of unconscious motivation or genetic determinism – biological determinism. Determinism is espoused by more theories in psychology than in free will. They argue that people have conscious control over their own lives and that despite biological factors, humans are able to make significant choices within the restraints of biological … Free will is an individual's ability to make decisions about their behaviour. Determinism Between Free Will And Determinism Essay 1383 Words | 6 Pages Determinism relates directly to The Fountain in Tommy’s journey as he changes through the guidance of Izzi’s from fearing and fighting death, to acceptance and grace in its inevitability. Behaviourists are highly determinists and they argue that the universe is ruled by certain widespread systematic principles (Eysenck, 1994). They believe an action is initiated by a certain presiding cause, and a person’s action is no exception. Humanistic psychologists focus on conscious experience rather than behaviour, and on free will rather than determinism. Many scientific psychologists embrace determinism without realizing what it means. Some approaches in psychology see the source of this determinism as being outside the individual, a position known as environmental determinism. Determinism goes far beyond causality, and certainly much farther than psychological science requires.

Behaviourists are strongly determinists.