As most of us know they are friendly with the tourist and strangers students.

The mistreatment of women is clear all over the world and is a problem all over in many societies no matter where you live, but in Saudi Arabia it is a part of daily life.

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The Serious Problem of Air Pollution in Saudi Arabia and the Solutions to the Environmental Issue DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY AUSTRALIA AND ITS PEOPLE . Class 1-12, high school & college. Over 2/3rds of women in Saudi Arabia have been beaten or violated in some type of way by a male family member. Due to the strict regime of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, human rights in the nation have been ranked some of the worst in the world.

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Modern Saudi Arabia • In early 18th century, religious cleric calls for return to original Islam, very unpopular opinion • Al-Saud power, influence grows • Al-Saud dynasty rules the area for much of the 19th century,until losing Riyadh, the capital to the Turks • 1902- Ibn …

- A brief look at globalization and social customs issues in Saudi Arabia.

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In Saudi Arabia, human rights are based off the Hanbali Islamic religious laws, which are under absolute rule of the Saudi royal family. CoSprings 719-400-2424 However, due to a recent change of power, progress has been made in terms of human rights, especially for women.

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