Ascending – Descending Paper Chromatography – In this version of paper chromatography movement of solvent occurs in two directions after a particular point.

Paper Chromatography Descending Method. Paper chromatography is an analytical technique used to separate mixtures into their constituent components. The descending technique is a complex setup.

Paper chromatography is an analytical method of separating mixtures into their constituents. This develops along the gravity.
And the developing solvent (mobile phase) is filled into a chamber. This is called base line.

This is built due to its time consuming ability. Initially, the solvent travels upwards on the paper which is folded over a rod and after crossing the rod it continues with its travel in the downward direction. ascending chromatography is a type of chromatography in which chromatic substance is in mobile phase and moving from bottom to top.

Thus there is a force which will make the separation quick and easy. Then the solution mixture is employed on the center of the base line very densely. In the ascending technique, the separation of the mixture is against gravity.

similarly in descending chromatography … Ascending Paper Chromatography Procedure: a filter paper is taken and a pencil line is drawn along the width of the paper above 5 cm from one end. The filter paper is attached to a paper support.