A Moravcsik, ‘In Defence of the “Democratic Deficit” : Reassessing the Legitimacy of the European Union’ (2002) Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol. A Democratic Deficit in the EU Essay 1430 Words | 6 Pages. A Democratic Deficit in the EU The question over the legitimacy of the EU has been a nearly continuous debate and many commentators appear to agree that the EU suffers from a severe ‘democratic deficit’. EU law EU EU Preview text Democratic Deficit Essay European Union is inherently undemocratic and the changes brought the Lisbon Treaty have done little to address the Critically discuss this statement. A Democratic Deficit Within The European Union Essay 1423 Words | 6 Pages. 44, No.3, p.554. 40, No. The claims that within the EU there is a democratic deficit, because there are extensive powers being accumulated by institutions that appear to lack a satisfactory level of legitimacy, are cogent. However Dehousse [15] argues that the argument that there is a democratic deficit is fundamentally flawed and that the EU encounters similar problems with democracy as are encountered in domestic systems and that some of the “loudest complaints over a European democratic deficit may be based on idealisations of democracy in the nation-state”. The bigger dilemma is the connection, or lack of it, between the rising democratic politics inside the … [ 8 ]. A Follesdal, S Hix, ‘Why there is a Democratic Deficit in the EU: A response to Majone and Moravcsik’ (2006) Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol. The trouble with the institutional approaches to the democratic deficit is that they ignore the equally significant socio-psychological viewpoints of this uncharted occurrence.