Crepe-Paper Flowers 1. Brad Holland 2. Use the template to trace and cut five teardrop-shaped petals and 15 heart-shaped petals... To shape petals, cup in center; wrap left and right top edges around a pencil to curl.

Cut crepe paper into identical teardrop-shaped petals an inch and a half long, with the grain of the paper going... 3.

Crepe Paper Crafts, Crepe Paper Roses, Paper Flowers Craft, Giant Paper Flowers, Flower Crafts, Diy Flowers, Diy Paper, Paper Flower Backdrop Wedding, Diy Flower Crown Jožica Giant paper flowers Paper Flowers … Start with a craft-paper circle approximately three inches in diameter. Doublette Crepe Paper (I used Light Pink, Light Apricot and Bubblegum (sold out, but Strawberry Pink is similar!)
Make a stem by wrapping three paper-covered wires together with floral tape. for my petals and the Pale Olive (sold out, but here’s a similar color) and Deep Olive for my leaves) ***I’ve had a lot of questions about what color the roses are. If you look at the photo above that shows the three roses, the one on the left is light pink. steps Enlarge and print template.