We apply two machine learning techniques suited for reasoning under Credit card fraud detection using meta-learning: Issues and initial results In an era of digitalization, credit card fraud detection is of great importance to financial institutions. Abstract: This paper presents an online system for fraud detection of credit card operations based on a neural classifier.

The goal of this paper is to provide a comprehensive review of different techniques to detect frauds. Online Credit Card Fraud Detection: A Hybrid Framework with Big Data Technologies Abstract: In this paper, we focus on designing an online credit card fraud detection framework with big data technologies, by which we want to achieve three major goals: 1) the ability to fuse multiple detection models to improve accuracy, 2) the ability to process large amount of data and 3) the ability to do the detection … Fraudulent transactions can occur in various ways and can be put into different categories. Sign up Credit Card Fraud Detection using ML: IEEE style paper + Jupyter Notebook Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Hidden Markov Model Abstract: Due to a rapid advancement in the electronic commerce technology, the use of credit cards has dramatically increased.

Therefore, an effictive fraud detection method is important since it can identify a fraud in time when a criminal uses a stolen card to consume.

This paper discusses automated credit card fraud detection by means of machine learning. Therefore, banks and financial institutions offer credit card fraud detection applications much value and demand. Criminals can use some technologies such as Trojan or Phishing to steal the information of other people's credit cards. Since it is installed in a transactional hub for operation distribution, and not on a card-issuing institution, it acts solely on the information of the operation to be rated and of its immediate previous history, and not on historic databases of past cardholder activities. This paper focuses on four main fraud occasions in real-world transactions. This paper presents a survey of current techniques used in credit card fraud detection, telecommunication fraud detection, and computer intrusion detection. Published in: IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, 2004

Abstract: Credit card fraud events take place frequently and then result in huge financial losses. Credit card fraud detection based on transaction behavior Abstract: The proliferation of the EMV (Europay-MasterCard-VISA) chip card design in the credit card business mostly resolved the problem posed by the old Magnetic stripe card technology.
As credit card becomes the most popular mode of payment for both online as well as regular purchase, cases of fraud associated with it are also rising.

However, several papers are starting to question the design and implementation of the EMV.