Most animated conversations are always discussions. 80 Great Compelling Argumentative Research Topics.

76737 . We all like to argue about something and if you think that this is not for you, trust us, you just didn’t find an exciting theme to argue about Research findings on the benefits of the strength of creativity found that Creativity helps in promoting divergent thinking, thinking about many ways to solve a problem. 80 Great Compelling Argumentative Research Topics. Discussion is the anvil upon which the spark of truth is struck. It uses ideas and details in a way that can be implemented for a socially positive purpose. Change the brain, and the mind must follow.

Neuroscience research continues to open up new vistas, fundamentally changing who we are. Neuroscience research reveals creativity's "brainprint." 3. Alpha wave biofeedback has been shown to be a useful tool for treating anxiety and depression. Blog. Jessica Nita .