There is space for notes and citations of each general category (history, economics, culture, physical geography, and government). Students will investigate the political, economic, and social characteristics of the countries, as well as comparison statistics. Project: A Super Cool Research Project 2005 (PDF) - This is the whole shootin' match.


It also has a page for map information and a Venn Diagram to compare this country with another country previously studied in class.

After researching your country you will write a 3-5 page report.

THE TASK: Your job is to research a country from North America (you may not choose the United States), Latin America, or Europe. research a country from this region.

This packet contains directions, important dates, and rubrics for completing a Super Cool Geography Research Project.

Feel free to include other information if necessary.

The research packet includes a rubric with fill-in-the-blank due dates for each section. You will be exploring many different aspects of your country, including, the HISTORY, the GEOGRAPHY, the CULTURE, the ECONOMY, the CLIMATE, and other INTERESTING FACTS. Each of you will choose a country to research, closely following the guidelines set out below, and your projects will form part of the class library.

You will be exploring different aspects of your country’s geography, culture, history, government, and economics.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS. Rubric Code: FXC8AX2. iRubric: GEOGRAPHY- Country Research Project rubric preview rubric ... GEOGRAPHY- Country Research Project GEOGRAPHY- Country Research Project Out of 30 Points - Become the class expert on the cultural geography of your country and create a thoughtful and concise project.

Guidelines/Tasks: Following are 12 components that will make up the research project. They also need to be aware of how the project will be assessed. The major language(s) spoken.

The capital of the country. As with all projects, the students need to buy into the reason why they are researching a country, why it is important and what they need to do. It is important that you know what these words mean.
You will have two days to research; the rest will need to be completed at home.

By margieroth Ready to use Public Rubric Subject: Geography Type: Project Grade Levels: … Includes student handouts for gathering

Setting the Tone for Country Research. Please choose at least 10 of these, including #12. Use this student-centered project rubric to guide students through the research and reporting on the countries of South America. the World Research Project’. Your paper should have an INTRODUCTION which includes: The name of the country. The project will need to be completed in poster form. This project was designed for my 7th grade geography students, but feel free to modify it to fit your own needs. Country Research Project .