Cooperative Federalism is where the national and state governments instead of being in separate domains are supposed to “cooperate” and work together.

It emphasizes on shared policy formulation between the respective governments. Below is the explanation of each of these stages. The Concept of Cooperative Federalism Explained With Examples. Cooperative federalism is now in place. Cooperative or “Marble Cake” FederalismIn response to the commonly held views of dual federalism and permissive federalism, both of which suggest an adversarial relationship between the national and state governments, some constitutional scholars have argued that attempts to draw lines between national and state governmental activities are counter-productive. Cooperative federalism is a concept of federalism in which nation, state, and local governments interact cooperatively. Dual and cooperative federalism are two different forms of a federal government. Cooperative federalism creates a relationship in which the national government strongly influences the policies and behaviors of state governments, often through the use of funding for programs. But when did cooperative federalism emerge, and what is it characterized by? Stages of federalism in United States: There are four stages of Federalism right through the United States of America. Countdown - Next STEP-UP All India Free Mock (Click HERE) Insights into Editorial: A reality check on cooperative federalism Introduction: Indian model of federalism is called quasi-federal system as it contains major features of both a federation and union. Although president Obama may be criticized for decisions he has made, I believe he should be awarded for many of the positive things he has done for our country. With this new method of federalism the federal government being the supreme and that the states have to do what the federal government says. They are Dual Federalism, Cooperative Federalism, Regulated Federalism and New Federalism. Although both of them may seem different, both forms are needed for countries with … Dual Federalism: This stage started from year 1789 to 1939. The principle of cooperative federalism is followed by several countries like USA, Canada, Australia, and India. The essay discusses how federalism has evolved since James Madison wrote The Federalist, 51 and the effects of Federalism on American politics.