While I read the Sunday Los Angeles Times newspaper, my conure sits behind the canopy of the Arts & Entertainment page as he eats his breakfast. Many birds like to hide under cage paper as part of normal playful behavior. A cat who licks window panes, walls, or cement walkways may be anemic. SimplyKathyH 231 views. ... with habitat paper or appropriate substrate for easier cleaning.

: green cheek conures) are generally smaller and a little quieter than the aratinga species, although the aratingas are generally the more colorful of the conures (e.g. There are two main sub-species of conures - pyrrhura and aratinga. Vit K. is the anti-dote to Warfarin (Rat Poison) which works by thinning the blood. And one will eat the entire thing — and by “the entire thing,” I mean the entire thing. Conures love playing peek-a-boo using a towel or piece of cloth. Conures are prone to "Conure Bleeding Syndrome", which is thought to be caused by a lack of Vitamin K, (see below) which is found in foods like Broccoli. It is just a matter of putting the bird on the cloth and bringing the corner up over the bird’s head and saying “Peek-a-boo.” A friend of mine has a green-cheeked conure that loves to play in a hand towel. If you are providing a nesting box for a pair of conures, spread a little bit of newspaper, toilet paper or paper towels around the cage and the female will shred it and build her own nest. : sun conure). Rita Templeton. Known to be playful and fun, Conures can make the perfect family pet. My green cheek conure eating paper towels. Glenn Reynolds has owned and bred various parrot species since 1979, starting with Sulphur-crested Cockatoos and Cockatiels and eventually moving on to Hyacinth Macaws, Golden Conures, and Palm Cockatoos. These active birds like to stay busy with […] Pyrrhura conures (e.g. A cat who chews and eats paper, wood, or leather may have internal prasites who are sucking certain nutrients out of her system.

Commonly, female birds will hide under cage paper when they are reproductively active and trying to build nests.

( a test of an iPad video maker ) - Duration: 0:15. One hates frosting, so he’ll scrape it off (a trait he did not inherit from me). Cupcake paper and all. Conures Native to South America, Conures are very colorful creatures in both their feathers and their personalities. sun conure care sheet Developed with and approved by a qualified veterinarian. 0:15.

Some conures like to do their own "nesting."

These small to medium parrots range in size from 10 to 20 inches on average. Chronic intestinal problems and liver and kidney disease will sometimes cause a cat to eat non-food items. Many pet shops sell sand and concrete perches and claim that they will help keep your bird's nails neat and short so that you can avoid having to endure a nail trim while that might sound like a pleasant idea, the rough, scratchy surfaces of those perches can do real damage to your feathered friend's feet. One will eat only the frosting, leaving the naked cake behind. An ambitious businessman with a love for parrots, Glenn has pursued a variety of parrot-related activities. To avoid contamination, do ... n Eats and drinks throughout the day n Dry nares and bright, dry eyes n Beak, legs and feet normal in Conures can learn to talk and often learn quite a few words and phrases. Put a cupcake in front of my kids, and they’ll react differently.