However, men still dominate our culture, holding the majority of the positions that involve power in the United States. First, we see the copy cat mentality, which the Romans had, here in America today. -Rome balanced power and divided

In addition, Americans love to humiliate public figures through comedy and satire — just turn on late-night TV. Like America today, politicians in the Roman Republic had difficulty differentiating between public and private responsibilities and public and private resources. Comparing and Contrasting Greece and Rome ... two of which still prosper today.

To conclude, women’s lives in Ancient Athens were much harder than the lives of those in America and Europe today, where we get an education, a career, and a say in who we marry. As a consequence, public services declined while the pockets of the public officials and their patrician sponsors grew large at the expense of common citizens. First tobelieve someone was innocent tell proven guilty. When it comes to laws, lawyers and lawsuits, just like the Ancient Romans, Americans can’t seem to get enough. In Ancient Greece, city-states implemented the aforementioned forms of government, but not at once. The eagle is a classic symbol shared by ancient Rome and America. Had a Senate much like the ones usedtoday, with both upper class and lower class in it. For example, look at the governments. There are many cultural similarities between Ancient Rome and America today.

A Comparison: America vs. Rome America has grown since its humble beginnings in such a way that it is now overwhelmed by its own greatness. The ancient Roman culture has reoccurred several times in the modern American culture. In the aspect of government, Rome combined the most relevant features of the monarchy, aristocracy and democracy to form a new form of government: the republic. For example, Athens was a democracy while … They formed a law code much like the ones used now a day in many countries. America Ancient Rome Rome Government Rome has two consuls, meaning that there are two leaders of Rome's Empire. The American eagle on display in the exhibition is carved from gilt wood. -This senate consists of 300 people mainly patricians. In comparison, women of the United States have considerably more rights and privileges. -These leaders are in for only one year. The other greatest influence on western civilization is the one of Ancient Rome.

And also had other assemblies. Actually though, the original quote was by Titus Livius, a Roman historian who died around 15 A.D, and he said “Rome has grown since its humble beginnings in such a way that it is now overwhelmed by its own greatness.” This shows just how little the women of Ancient Rome where regarded. We took the ancient Roman Government and mixed it with the British’s and a few others and call it the American Government. -Consuls were elected by the people.