File the FAFSA (ASAP after October 1!). It can be a huge part of your life, but you are not your mental illness. Ultimately, the decision to reveal your condition is an entirely personal one. Essays on mental illness listed in this category focus on: forms of mental illness, mental illness as a social issue (especially considering its increasing rates), stigmatization of people affected by it in different cultures, examples and representation of mental illness in literature and pop culture, correlation with other aspects/ phenomena (e.g. Look online for the Common Application prompts, and brainstorm what your own college essay(s) might look like. While mental health issues may be a part of your life, they do not necessarily define who you are, and the Common App essay is all about showing the admissions committee who you are. When you begin writing a college essay on a chronic illness, you must determine what type of essay is best suited for the chronic illness. How to Address A Mental Health Issue or Disability On Your College Application. There is no blanket answer that will guide every applicant. Writing a college essay on a chronic illness can be challenging. I'm wondering what the general consensus is on making your (open-ended) college essay about your chronic illness. There are several types of essay topics for this type of essay, including case studies, memoirs, case studies or research papers. You can have multiple sides. Improve your essay and impress admissions officers with our free Peer Essay Review. Want a free essay review? Submit your essay now to get fast feedback. The trick is to discuss the illness as if it were something normal and, at the same time, give the reader the necessary information to understand that the condition is complex. So you don’t have to force yourself to be your mental illness in your college essay, if that’s what you think will get you in, or if that’s what everyone’s telling you to talk … The additional information section, however, was created just for reasons like …

Did your academic performance suffer? Given the impact of mental illness on a teen’s academics, a significant number of high school seniors are faced with a difficult choice each year—do I reveal my condition on my college application? Because you are not your mental illness. The focus would be the way it shaped me growing up (I've had it for the past nine years, so over half my life) and my view of the world because of it, as well as how it lead me to gain an interest in my intended major. We want to be clear about one thing: the common app essay is not the place to discuss your mental health issues. Fill out and send in your college applications (includes essay). Senior year. Continue searching and applying for scholarships.

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If writing this college essay is not going to help you emotionally or not going to help you in your application, just don’t do it. Hi!