Be PREPARED to validate your worthiness.. One of the key requirement is the English language requirement, and there are a few common areas […] b) Networking. By Deborah Braide, a Chevening Scholar from Nigeria, with contributions from other Chevening Scholars at Nottingham.

Don’t go into unnecessary details – you will have the opportunity to do that at interview.

This was adapted from a longer blog available here. A.

In this article, I will just cover the Leadership and Influence essay with brief snippets of my essay. Chevening Scholarship applications open annually in August and and close at the start of November.As a recipient of the award, a number of people have asked me for help. c) Why Study in the UK and why the three course choices. We want to encourage you to check your eligibility for a Chevening Scholarship then to apply and take advantage of this life-changing opportunity! I’m Natalie and I work as a Programme Officer – International at the Chevening Secretariat.

( The application involves writing four essays in English which can be broadly described into; a) Leadership and Influence. The first draft is always too wordy – i recall mine had over 5,000 words. Based off these requests for assistance I thought it a good idea to jot down some tips and tricks that might be useful to someone applying for the Chevening Award. Ahead of the Chevening Interview. This is such a subjective question as it'll require a lot of soul searching on your part to answer it authentically. Top tips for Chevening applicants. Do re-draft, but do not overdo them! Nonetheless, I'll give you my perspective on leadership and hope it helps. Hi, I’m Debbie… I’m from Nigeria and I’m studying Msc Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship at the University of Nottingham. d) Career plan. October 31, 2018, by International students. The Chevening selection process is long, but aim to make the most of it at every stage. The Chevening Interview process as a competency-based exercise is designed to carefully screen every applicant on their professional accomplishments and leadership potential as a metric for worthiness.

Now, polish your essays and work on them patiently. Hi Patricia, Thanks for A2A. Hi! Check out the DFID website and see how the UK is interacting with your country, what programs they have and how your studies or career plans align with them.. 3. 1. Again we will share a few essay tips to help put up an overall an essay worthy of an interview invitation: Stick to the main points. 1.Have an understanding of the present situation in your country as it pertains to the UK and how you can help in implementing programmes or contribute to policy discussion locally.. 2.