How did it work out?

3 years ago. If the papers are exactly or substantially the same, this would be considered self-plagiarism, which constitutes an academic offence.

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5. Easy and quick decision. Close. TurnItIn is able to recognize the use of macros. The Similarity Report is a powerful resource, solely created for human interpretation (yes, that’s you!). In some of my classes, the assignments I submit contain innovative, commercially- Your teacher still can read and evaluate your paper. You can turn in any text you wish. As in turned in the same/similar research paper for two separate classes?

If you purchase Or if you have already your Turnitin Account so you can check your Research Paper because it is a paid software. If you have written the work, then I believe you can turn it in. You’ll only be using your knowledge the way they want – for a good grade. 39. Not to mention that if you rewrite everything yourself, you’ll actually be learning from it as well. Have you ever "reused" and old research paper?

As in turned in the same/similar research paper for two separate classes? general, the two papers need to be different enough to enable the instructors to give both works the credit they deserve. How did it work out?


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Just remember all of those English classes where your teacher told you to rephrase this and that. I agree that it would be rare to find multiple instances where a paper would be viable for another class. No two papers are the same, and therefore, no two Similarity Reports will tell the same story. At Turnitin, we believe that it’s perfectly natural for the contents of a paper to match against some of our database. But there is some Online Thesis Writing Services they provide you Plagiarism Report through Turnitin Software for free. Archived. Multiple enrollments: Multiple enrollments can occur when a single student creates a new account for different classes within the same institution.