Favorite Answer. Try supplying them with a fibrous toy that they can shred. why are my budgies eating newspaper? If in doubt- Serve grit that … She writes nationally for newspapers, magazines and websites on topics including careers, education, women, marketing, advertising and more. The budgerigar (/ ˈ b ʌ dʒ ər ɪ ˌ ɡ ɑːr /; Melopsittacus undulatus) is a long-tailed, seed-eating parrot usually nicknamed the budgie, or in American English, the parakeet. I've left lettuce and apple slices wedged between the bars of his cage, but he doesn't touch them. 8 Answers. Colored ink newspaper can be harmful for parakeets. Am I feeding him properly? Naturally, the species is green and yellow with black, scalloped markings on … Join Date: May 2014. I feed him properly. They also might be trying to nest, depending on their age.

Go to www.birdtricks.com, Chet Womack will answer all your … Most likely, the new parakeet isn't eating the paper, just shredding it. Should I keep the newspaper in, or do I take it out? This is very common for breeding budgies. it is ESSENTIAL that the grit be of the appropriate size, of course, since if it is too big, it can clog his gastrointestinal tract and cause death. Everyday he gets seeds, cucumber, carrot, and a celery leaf. Try finding a VERY small grit to feed to your Budgie, and only feed 3-5 pebbles. Why? I've never seen a parakeet actually swallow any newspaper, but they can chew on it for quite some … What is this also?? At the bottom of my budgie's cage I have newspaper laid down to catch any poop and prevent his feet from getting caught in the grid. Answer Save. Relevance. If not, what do I change? 1 decade ago. the only problem: He keeps eating it.
Anonymous . She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of … Also the female is rubbing her beak against the perches and wood in the cage. Budgies are the only species in the genus Melopsittacus. ? Some parakeets love to shred things, including newspaper. Speak to a pet shop owner, read up. Member. Budgies often will rip the newspapers to shreds and make a nest out of it. Password: Home: Forums: Active Topics: Photo Gallery: Register: Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read LinkBack: Thread Tools : Display Modes #1 06-25-2014, 04:50 PM hgr1374. i feed them well but i dont know why they are eating the newspaper i lay on the bottom of the cage.

If you have any colored ink newspaper in the cage or nest box, take it out. Parrots: A cockatiel named Poptart. Location: … Re: Budgie eats gravel paper lining cage I've only had Pin for about a month. Make sure the newspaper is black and white ink. Parrot Forum - Parrot Owner's Community > Species Specific > Budgies/Parakeets: Eating Newspaper User Name: Remember Me? Hi i've got a breeding box of a pair of budgies i put at the bottom of the cage newspaper to catch their poo but lately they both have been ripping it up and eating it.