2.18 A ballot paper marked by means other than a pencil should not be rejected simply because of that. Rule 13 The absence of any ballot paper in the envelope shall be considered as an abstention. 1. Voters now will be able to cast their ballot through the mail, avoiding long lines at the polls. 2020 presidential election: New mail-in ballots, other new voting rules in Pennsylvania. 2.19 Marks other than a cross, however faint, may still be valid. Rule 14 The counting of votes shall be under the supervision of the Chairperson of the meeting. Citation, commencement and interpretation. —(1) These Regulations may be cited as the Representation of the People (Ballot Paper) Regulations 2013 and come into force on the day on which section 14 of the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013() comes into force. rules applied. This occurs progressively over several weeks as the ballot papers are processed through the semi-automated count process at the CSS. Draft Legislation: This is a draft item of legislation. Unmarked ballot papers 2.17 Unmarked ballot papers should be rejected. This draft has since been made as a UK Statutory Instrument: The Representation of the People (Ballot Paper) Regulations 2015 No. The votes cast for each candidate shall be entered on the lists prepared for that purpose. Void for uncertainty 2.20 Rules for checking the formality of ballot papers fall into two categories: rules to determine whether the ballot paper is an authentic one cast by a person entitled to vote, which does not identify the voter and rules to determine whether the voter has marked the ballot paper sufficiently well for it to be accepted. 656 Once all the ballot papers have been scrutinised and the quota struck, the distribution of preferences is conducted in Easycount to determine the final results. paper, (A)ROs should allow rather than reject the ballot paper.