Use old paper for papier mache. For example, if your kid likes to rip up paper, and keeps shredding your important documents and mail, trying to stop the paper-ripping habit probably won't work. Compulsively ripping up paper, being unable to stop, backing up toilets -- not simply a bad habit. Another point is if it is rubbish you should not be stopping you child from ripping paper .if your child does rip paper you can save money by giving them old bills to you do not have to buy a shredder . Explain that ripping up stuff for this is fine, but ripping up other things is not fine, and might be naughty and might have consequences. Today, Grant Manier wins awards for his striking, realistic collages, made with thousands … This is a creative activity that involves ripping and shredding of paper to create a beautiful composition to use as a decorative element. this is all familiar to me as the mother of a child with an ASD.

One autistic child was disciplined at school for his compulsive habit of shredding paper. The key is that he is unable to stop. I am trying punishments, rewards, taking away stuff to prevent it being ripped (although due to having other kids I can't take everything out of shared areas such as the lounge) but nothing seems to work. My twin diagnosed with Autism is ripping up paper, books (even though he loves reading books), etc, in fact if it can be ripped up he will). Here's what she said: ... that he does this to block out the world . Autistic kids who require special needs will love the sensory touch of handling paper and playing with shapes and colors. . tearing paper Art/Music, Autism ... General October 23, 2014 August 31, 2018. Buy a bunch of different coloured paper for colage work. by Debra Muzikar “Take a fixation and broaden it out into something constructive.” ... art, poetry, video submissions and requests for book and film reviews.

When taught to use his love of shredding to make collage, the child embraced this new outlet. Ripping paper has nothing to do with autism because some people rip paper even when they dont have autism. Channeling your child’s special interests or passions into creative forms by admin .

Explain that she needs to ask before ripping up anything that is not in the craft bucket. .