However, he said, rote learning phenomenon had not been addressed in a befitting manner. The system includes 180,846 public institutions and 80,057 private institutions.
Excellence in education is related to how seriously education is taken by both the population and the leadership: this is exactly what the problem with pakistan is. Education system of Pakistan: The education system of Pakistan is comprised of 260,903 institutions and is facilitating 41,018,384 students with the help of 1,535,461 teachers. The cultural way out makes through immediate association with the education. This clearly states that women should receive education. Pakistan laid down three education policies in 1992, 1998 and 2009 and plenty of development plans comprising the National Plan of Action 2001-2015 and Education Sector Reforms (ESR). Learning articles Problems Of Education In Pakistan. Every highest approach towards the Problems Of Education In Pakistan maintained balance between education and cultural development. Problems Of Education In Pakistan. Hence 31% educational institutes are run by private sector while 69% are public institutes. In Islam, it is clearly mention that it is obligatory for every man and woman to receive quality education.

Education in Pakistan is overseen by the Federal Ministry of Education and the provincial governments, whereas the federal government mostly assists in curriculum development, accreditation and in the financing of research and development.Article 25-A of Constitution of Pakistan obligates the state to provide free and compulsory quality education to children of the age group 5 to 16 years. Federal Ministry of Education government of Pakistan is an authority that is legally regulating the educational activities for all schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan. Moin akhtar-Sep 18, 2018. Pakistan is a Muslim’s country; the dominant religion is Islam about 96 per cent of the population is Muslim, which like all religions urges men and women to acquire education.

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