Forwarding the posts to relatives and friends, ESPECIALLY in the homeland, is greatly appreciated. Here's a rundown on the things you need to know about the culture of Filipinos. As of 2017, more than two percent of Californians speak Tagalog, making the language native to the Philippines the most common foreign dialogue spoken in the state of California, after Spanish. The Metamorphosis of Filipino as National Language by Jessie Grace U. Rubrico. Examples are "the, a, and an". Moreover, the Filipino language also recognizes the use of transliteration, or how a local spells a word, based on how he or she pronounces it. The message is clearer because the reader or listener can easily create a visual or a picture of what he/she is reading or listening. Are you visiting the Philippines soon? A Filipino listening or reading to a story in Filipino language understands the story better unlike when it is written in a foreign language. A language has a certain way of telling a story. Go to the sidebar and Click on GOOGLE TRANSLATOR (56 languages - copy and paste sentences, paragraphs and whole articles, Google translates a whole posting in seconds, including to Filipino!!).

In this age of globalization, nothing could be more difficult for a Filipino living abroad than to work for the preservation of one’s own language and culture. Translate to your own language. Generally articles specify the grammatical definiteness of the noun. Filipino Articles. Learning the Filipino Articles displayed below is vital to the language. Filipino language, therefore, speaks of our national pride. The same goes for computer, where you’ll read Filipino texts spelling it as kompyuter. Filipino articles are words that combine with a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun. There are about 832,024 Californians who speak Tagalog at home. He/she can easily get the meaning of the … For example, in Filipino, it is acceptable for driver to be spelled as drayber.