The AS Gus a non­profit organisation promoted under Sec.25 of the Companies Act, J956, governed by a board of governors having an independent panel of judges comprising the CCC which receives and judges complaints made to it’ concerning false or misleading advertisements, basing its rulings on the Code of Advertising Practice. This is largely due to consumers’ experiences with misleading advertisements, or promotions that exaggerate claims or misinform audiences. 17 Misleading advertisements Similar to public relations agencies, advertising firms often have a reputation for using manipulative tactics at the expense of the consumer. After a critical evaluation of 290 complaints received in a month, The consumer complaints council had confirmed a total of 193 advertisements misleading. Out of the total advertisements, an eighty percent hailed from the healthcare sector, a nine percent were in regard to the education sector and a five percent covered the other sectors. False or misleading advertisements have, in the recent past been on the rise as a result of businesses seeking to compete for customers. Misleading advertisements and their effects.