The team found that two Himalayan samples – one from Ladakh, India and the other from Bhutan – were most genetically similar to a polar bear that lived 40,000 years ago. This great mountain system of southern Asia stretches for about 1,550 miles (2,500 kilometers) from west to east. The Himalayas are so high that they kept the Indian and Chinese people separate from each other most of the time. In the Himalayas, warming under this scenario would probably be even higher, at 3.8 degrees Fahrenheit (2.1 degrees Celsius), the Hindu Kush Himalaya … North of the Himalayas is the Tibetan Plateau.
Provides access to Alpine Journal articles on the various mountain areas of the Himalayas. The range affects air and water circulation systems, impacting the weather conditions in the region. Posted at 8:59 9 Jul 2019. The water of these rivers is used for irrigation and for producing electricity. The Himalayas are one of the youngest mountain ranges on the planet.
The Himalayas are the source of all the great rivers of Northern India. The highest mountains on Earth are found in the Himalayas. The rivers also bring new fertile soil with them, deposit it in the plains and make them fertile. The Himalayan village that confiscates single-use plastics This tiny Himalayan village has shunned single-use plastics – the impact is too serious for them. Content for id "pagebkg" Goes Here Himalayas general (59) Garhwal Himalaya (106) 8000m Peaks. In summer the snow on the Himalayas melts and provides water to these rivers through­out the year. India is a peninsula that is cut off from the rest of Asia by the mountains. It is often called the Indian subcontinent because it is larger and more isolated than other peninsulas.

The Himalayas are visible 125 miles away in India for the first time in 30 years Credit: Twitter @gauravbhanu89. It is called “the roof of the world”.

Most of the Himalayas lie within China, India, Nepal, and Bhutan.