These cases may be delegated to subordinate commanders on a case-by- case basis upon request without recommendation as to disposition.

The elements are the same as larceny with. Robbery (Article 122, UCMJ) ... as would be the case in a valid repossession action. In such a case, the party may be guilty of a more or less serious offense than that committed by the perpetrator. Article 121 does not cover theft of services. Sailor facing General Court-Martial for BAH fraud saves career ... specifications of making False Official Statements in violation of Article 107 and one specification of a violation of Article 121 alleging larceny of military property in an amount of $25,000. 3. Subordinate commanders have the authority and discretion to dispose of offenses These cases encompass different types of misconduct addressed under or through the UCMJ and are summarized below. of this title (article 76b(d)(2). Jurisdiction to try certain personnel (a) Subject to section 843 of this title (article 43), a person who is in a status in which the person is subject to this chapter and who committed an offense against this chapter while formerly in a status in which the person was subject to this chapter is not 1981); United States v. Case , … Representative Cases: Fraud and Larceny. ... B. someone who has a right of possession superior to that of the victim. United States v. Abeyta , 12 M.J. 507 (A.C.M.R. § 803. A taking will not be wrongful if it is done by. Mr. Kageleiry has successfully litigated many cases regarding UCMJ Military Crimes to include Article 120, Article 121, Article 107, Article 134, and Article … Theft of taxicab services, phone services, use and occupancy of government quarters, and use of a rental car cannot be the subject of larceny under Article 121. Art. Wrongful Appropriation (Article 121(2), UCMJ). 6. Article 134, UCMJ); larceny (Article 121 , UCMJ); and all crimes against Korean local nationals. Every case is different, but what remains the same is Mr. Kageleiry’s dedication to getting the best possible outcome for each of his clients. ARTICLE 122 ROBBERY. Article 122 of the UCMJ deals with robbery.