The Mathematics Department Honors Committee determines the level of departmental honors awarded (Honors with Distinction, Honors with High Distinction, or Honors with Highest Distinction), based on the student's GPA in the major and the quality of the honors work. Check the Roger record for that dissertation or thesis to determine location and online availability. The research and writing of the thesis will be conducted over at least two quarters of the junior/senior years under the supervision of your Mathematics Honors Program advisor. These presentations were based on theses submitted for examination to the Mathematics Department Honors Committee.
BROCKMAN, William Bennett, The Atomic Decomposition of the q-Kostka Polynomials in Combinatorics and Geometry 1997, Mark Haiman (Chair) CANFIELD, Earl Rodney, Analysis of Sort/Search Algorithms 1975, S. Gill Williamson (Chair) CARBONARA, Joaquin Oswaldo, The Inverse Kostka Matrix, its t-Analog and Applications 1992, Jeffrey B. Remmel (Chair) UCSD dissertations may be found in print, online (or both), and even audio or video recordings. My thesis aims to study the process of sporulation in a Gram-positive bacterium, Bacillus subtilis. AGOL, Ian, Topology of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds 1998, Michael H. Freedman (Chair) AU, Thomas Kwok-Keung, Approximating e-Homotopy Equivalences by Homeomoephisms on 4-Manifolds 1990, Michael H. Freedman (Chair) BARTELS, Arthur C., Link Homotopy in Codimension Two 1999, Peter Teichner (Chair) BRINDLE, Stephen Howard, The Total Curvature of Manifolds 1993, … The UCSD Libraries provides access to official copies of all UCSD dissertations. During conditions of nutrient deprivation, B. subtills undergoes a developmental pathway that culminates in the production of two cells with different sizes and fates, the smaller forespore and the larger mother cell.
On-campus UCSD Libraries users can use the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database to download free PDF versions of dissertations published since 1997.

Use the ROGER: UCSD Libraries Catalog to search for all UCSD mathematics dissertations. All the faculty at UCSD Mathematics have years of experience and able to handle the most complex problems in their practice field.

Geometry and Topology. Many of the online dissertations will have this in the record: ProQuest. This research will be credited as eight to twelve units of MATH 199H.