What coursework materials do schools need to retain?

We recommend that you keep a copy of your students’ work to support future teaching and assessment. Whichever method you choose to submit marks, for most subjects you will still need to send student work samples to your allocated moderator by post. Contact details for your adviser can be found in teacher online standardisation, on e-AQA. You should retain the following materials and information for at least six weeks after the results are published: a record of the coursework that was set. This is from three years ago, it is not … Telephone: 0161 958 3736. The document below explains how moderation brings the marks given to schools and colleges into line with national standards. AQA Devas Street Manchester M15 6EX. Visit the pages below for information on: how and when to submit marks, including submit marks online and submit PE spreadsheets. What we’ll send to you . To help us investigate effectively, we need as much information as possible about the incident. These administration pages for non-exam assessment (NEA) also cover coursework and controlled assessment. a record of the marks awarded. In this case, the department will let you know, and talk to you about a revised timescale for resolving the issue. Please email: courseworkadmin@aqa.org.uk. Email: irregularities-n@aqa.org.uk. Guidance for schools and colleges on sending students’ non-exam assessment (NEA) work samples to the moderator.

Is it OK for me to throw this out? Ask yourself what reason you would have to keep it? sending student samples to the moderator. Once NEA work has been returned to your school or college and given to students, it is no longer eligible for any post-results services.

• If not, register at https://extranet.aqa.org. Send student samples. Discussion in 'Personal' started by catzroolz, Jul 15, 2011. catzroolz . Since then the specification has changed. have access to e-AQA. It is written for people who have a reasonable understanding of the exam system and of the terminology used. Exams administration. lost or damaged work. Moderation is the process we use to standardise marks given by schools and colleges for non-exam assessment. the assessed work of all students not included in the moderation sample submitted to Cambridge.

• If you have any questions How long do you keep coursework?

The information and resources in this section will help exams officers to plan ahead and stay on track throughout the whole exams lifecycle, from entries to results day. I have come across some coursework from 2007-2008 academic year. What we need to know.

• For units 2 and 3, the candidates must supply their own hypothesis.

catzroolz, Jul 15, 2011 #1. dande New commenter . It may not be practical or possible to resolve your complaint within 10 working days.

review your concerns and seek to resolve them provide you with a thorough response within 10 working days. uk • You will be provided with your own controlled assessment adviser.

carry forward of marks.