In the recent decades, the Disney Company, which has grown substantially in size and power since the days of “Uncle Walt”, has added to these fairy tale films another series of highly successful animations, such as The Little Mermaid (1989), Beauty and the Beast (1991), and Aladdin (1992). I wanted to choose this film because I was disturbed how Disney was portraying middle eastern people and their culture to children. After watching the movie, there are many disturbing stereotypes of Middle Eastern people. Surely the cave won’t miss one little gem.

Directed by John Musker; Ron Clements; Latest blog posts. Scott Weinger as Aladdin. Disney’s movie Aladdin (1992), “was a high-profile release, the winner of two Academy Awards, and one of the most successful Disney films ever produced” (Giroux, 104); however, what is often disregarded is the obvious depiction of careless racism towards Arabs seen in the illustrations of the characters, the statuses into which they are placed and the lyrics of the opening song near beginning of the film.

Linda Larkin as Jasmine.

This essay will use the theory of Orientalism to analyse how Western culture depicts a constructed reality open the Eastern oriental body in order to promote an inferior East and a powerful West.

Using the concepts and theory of Orientalism from the lecture topic race and whiteness this essay will analyse the 1992 Disney film Aladdin. 2 days ago The Heart Beats Differently When You’re in Character: Connie Nielsen on Inheritance . Just in time, Aladdin pulls Abu aboard. Aladdin slowly reaches out to take the lamp into his handWhile Aladdin is collecting the lamp, Abu is overwhelmed by temptation. The moment he grabs the stone, a rumbling and shaking begin. Five Awe-Inspiring Things About Michael Jordan and The Last Dance on Christy Lemire's Breakfast All Day Podcast. Aladdin (1992) Rated G 90 minutes Cast. Aladdin almost falls into a pool of boiling lava as the carpet rushes in to save him. Robin Williams as Genie. in the 1992 Disney film, Aladdin.