Our custom writing service can write any kind essay you wish. Agree or disagree question types are one of the most common on the IELTS writing paper, so it’s important that you learn how to write them properly. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Now we are going to show you the structure how the real agree or disagree essay looks like.

This essay follows our TOEFL Writing templates for independent essays.

To agree or disagree with the statement that (summary of the question) is an important issue. Agree or disagree essay is an essay where you are given a statement.

INTRODUCTION. One of the reasons examinees dread this type of question stems from not knowing whether or not they should write a balanced response. Agree or Disagree Essays: IELTS Writing Task 2 Lesson. Note. This lesson will teach you how to write ‘agree or disagree’ or ‘opinion’ IELTS task 2 essays that could score a Band 7, 8 or 9. Here also you are given a time of 40 minutes to complete the 250-word essay. “Overall, the widespread use of the internet has a mostly positive effect on life in today’s world.” Use reasons and details to support your opinion.

EASY TO USE FORMAT : INTRODUCTION : Although, many people believe that (given statement) , I differ/support … Thesis (opinion): I agree / disagree with people who think that + Reword or reorder the exam prompt. An “agree or disagree” essay offers a statement and invites you either to agree or disagree with it. As a rule such kind of essays students writes during their exams. How to write an IELTS “Agree or Disagree” Essay What is an “agree or disagree” essay? The agree disagree are the most commonly asked essay questions in the IELTS examination.

And your task is to write an essay where you will tell why you agree with this statement or why not. Details: In this essay, I will give two main reasons for my opinion Even in this type of essays you are asked to give your opinions regarding you agree or disagree on the particular sentence that is given. You are expected (1) to state your opinion clearly (2) to address all parts of the statement with which you are […] Basic outline for agree/disagree essay introductions & conclusions Introduction (3+ sentences) General: A sentence (or two) about the topic area in general. IELTS essay structure of Agree or Disagree essay Posted on January 23, 2019 January 27, 2019 by wordsforielts In this section, we are going to look at strategies to get 7+ bands in IELTS writing task 2, assessment criteria of writing and specific structure of a agree and disagree essay.
STRUCTURE OF ESSAY : Introduction – Mention the writer’s position to large extent 80%; Body paragraph(1) – 80% Agree or Disagree; Body paragraph(2) – 80% Agree or Disagree ; Body paragraph(3) – 20% Disagree or Agree (Some other people’s opinion) Conclusion . Putting the discussion in a wider context, (a few words about the subject) has always been debatable. Task 2 essay questions that ask, “To what extent do you agree or disagree?” are perhaps the trickiest and are often a source of much stress and anxiety among IELTS examinees. Note that we have many more sample essays for you to read.